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Promatek was founded in 1993 by Italo Nardi first and Stefano Bilato then as a transformation of professional activities by an associated firm active in the city of Bolzano, in line with the evolution of operational scenarios in the world of construction.


With the increasing complexity of technology, regulations and performance required of buildings and the multiplication of technical and public administration figures involved in the construction process, the mutual relationships between clients, administration, technicians and companies, which had previously been improperly dealt with by the classic figure of the designer-manager of the works, have also become more complex.

The goal of Promatek is to provide its customers, in addition to the traditional general construction services related to the technical professions (design, contracting, construction management), project management services, or specific services of planning, coordination and support for interventions of various types (recovery, renovation, new construction, furniture).


These services, aimed at increasing the quality and efficiency of the planned project, involve not only rationalising the process, but also freeing the client from playing a specific organisational role for which he is not prepared - or in any case does not intend to play - while at the same time providing him with greater certainty of success deriving from the control of the human and financial resources employed and from the constant monitoring of the fundamental parameters: time, costs, quality and safety.

The advantages are achievable in all scales of intervention, from projects of greater complexity to relatively small works that, however, can still contain within them very high criticality and give the project management activities a fundamental importance.

Promatek Srl/GmbH

via della Rena /Raingasse 14

39100 Bolzano/Bozen

+39 0471 982470


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